How to Cut Energy Cords

Feeling sluggish? Tired? And just not like your high vibe self?

You probably need to cut your energy cords.

What are energy cords?

Energy chords are strands of energy that connect two people, situations, a limiting belief, or even a project have an energetic cord between you.

It doesn’t have to be just people we had a relationship with…

it can be even coworkers and enemies.

Picture energy chords like umbilical cords that transfer emotional energy and life force between one another.

These energy cords are not visible to the physical eye but they do exist.

And interacting with people creates a invisible cord attaching the two of you together.

Energy moves back and forth between the cords.

This energy movement can be healthy, loving energy which is nourishing each person.

But If a cord is not healthy then unhealthy energy is passed back and forth between you, or your energy gets sucked out of you and goes to the other side.

Sometimes we have too many cords that are draining our energy.

Often times if you can’t figure out why you are having unhappy thoughts…

…it could be thoughts coming from someone else through an energy code.

Because cords are energy, the distance and time from the other person doesn’t matter.

So if you haven’t been cutting these cords you probably have a bunch hanging around from years ago.

The solution is to cut the cords and it’s simple…

…plus you can cut cords yourself without even speaking to the other person.

How do you know you have cords?

If you feel your energy leaking out or try to do a certain task or think a certain thought and you feel drained…you probably have a cord.

Now cords can be loving. You can practice sending love and high vibe blessings to people.

But if energies are negative you probably want to get rid of those to feel your best self and take back your control.

How to cut cords that aren’t serving you

You can also take a quiet moment, close your eyes and just sense what you feel around you.

Ask your higher self “are their cords present that aren’t serving me?”

Be open to what pops in your mind.

Picture the person or situation that is not serving you.

Picture the energy cords.

Nothing to fear, energy cords are part of life.

Now just use a method to cut these cords, you can wave your arm across the front of your body, as if your arm is a sword chopping the cords off.

Or use your figures as scissors.

You can also say the word “cut” (out loud or in your head to direct the energy).

Now picture all the energy going back to the other person, send it back with love and light.

Bring all your energy back.

And call upon source, God or spirit and ask to now receive that energy you were getting from each other, to now receive it from source.

Then give gratitude to the other person and source.

If you still feel you need more cleansing you can take an epsom salt bath or write our your intention to cut the cords.

Remember you are a powerful creator and can choose who you want to have in your life.

You might have to do this process multiple times or make it part of your daily routine.

Would LOVE to hear your experience through this.

Please comment below.

Love and Blessings.

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