The Universe Is Sending You A Message

I Can Help You Hear It

You were not meant to go through life without answers, guidance and support.  You can get all that and more…from an Oracle Cards Reading.

Hi I’m Heather

I want to help you find peace.  Oracle cards provide a channel to communicate with the Universe.  Get clarity, confidence, and calm reassurance of your questions, moves, and actions.  

Abundance Blocks &Oracle Card Readings 

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Light Package

1 Card Pull Email Readings. Ask a question and your reading will be delivered to you in PDF format including a copy of your card image via email within 48 business hours after submitting your question.

I’m Ready for Answers

Full Spread Package

3 Card Pull Email Readings. Ask a question and your reading will be delivered to you in audio mp3 format including a copy of your card image via email within 72 business hours after submitting your question .

Understand Your Messages

1 on 1 Package

We’ll meet on Skype video together and pull the cards… you get the clarity and guidance you need.

This is a highly personalized, reading that you’ll love! You will need to be able to use Zoom video for your reading.

Get Answers Live

Unlimited Package

Ask me unlimited questions all month long via Voxer.  I’ll be available for when you need ongoing support and questions answered the same day.

Answers all month long

Animal Readings

Send a picture of your animal, name and age along with your questions.  Make sure I can see the animal’s eye in the image.  I will connect with your pet and you’ll receive a pdf summary of the message from your animal

What Client’s Say

Wow…just wow is what comes out of my mouth when I think of this amazing woman. She is amazing on so many levels and so very inspirational while being such a warm and down to earth person.

When I connected with her, I was at a point in my life where I had been very successful doing what I did and then had taken a break when my kids came along. And now I wanted to get back into doing more with my life and fulfilling my higher purpose. As we started talking it was an instant connection and it felt like old friends rather than a formal coach. She immediately made me comfortable and opened up a space for me to explore not only my options but also how I wanted to go about integrating them. She gave examples and ideas that I could borrow from and helped me get a picture of what it might look like did I choose to go down that path. So I had my homework cut out but it didn’t feel like another task cause she had motivated me and I looked forward to it. When the session ended I felt very hopeful and looked forward to our next session knowing there will be more to build on and I had her as my coach and my champion and that made me feel secure and confident to explore and play.

So, if you are on the fence or not sure what path to choose or lost, I would highly recommend Heather. She is very professional and sincere.

Happy Client